NEW! V-cut Bundle Offer via Brammer Buck & Hickman

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V-cut cutting fluids and maintenance oils provide ROCOL’s trusted performance and quality at a highly competitive price. ROCOL is a market leader in cutting performance and dilution which means our cutting fluids and your tools last longer.


MORE choice

A complete range of fluid solutions for the machine shop;

  • Cutting fluid
  • Slideway oil
  • Hydraulic oil

MORE performance

Specially selected lubricity additives help to extend tool life and improve surface finish.

MORE economy

With highly economical dilutions (up to 65:1) and prolonged sump life, V-cut goes at least twice as far as similar cutting fluids.

MORE peace of mind

Used with a ROCOL fluid mixer, V-cut products keep the workplace clean and help reduce health and safety issues.

LESS cost

V-cut products give you the quality and performance expected from ROCOL at a competitive price.

So, what’s in the offer…?

Buy the package of products listed below and receive;

  • A FREE Automatic Fluid Mixer
  • A FREE HSE compliant ROCOL Service Engineer visit to set up all products and conduct small amount of training

Products in the package
1 x ROCOL V-cut EP, 55l
1 x ROCOL V-cut S68, 20l
1 x ROCOL V-cut H32, 20l

To view more information on the V-cut range click here

To view datasheets on the V-cut products visit our datasheets page

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