AEROSPEC 3052 Spray Grease

  • Approved to BMS 3-33B
  • Quick and simple spray application
  • Excellent stability in extreme conditions
  • Temperature range -73°C to +120°C
  • Exceptional corrosion resistance
  • Low viscosity, high lubricity formulation reduces fretting wear and stress pitting

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Product information

AEROSPEC 3052 Spray Grease is a convenient, aerosolised form of AEROSPEC 3052, a general airframe grease approved for use by both Boeing and Airbus. It is designed to give outstanding operational performance on a wide range of airframe components including bearings, rotary actuators, gearboxes, bushes and sliding surfaces ? even where high loads are involved.

Not only does AEROSPEC 3052 Spray Grease save valuable time and labour, but also reduces the amount of lubricant waste, especially on applications requiring a small amount of lubricant. The spray has a 5 mm mini-jet extension, which gives excellent directional spray and precise lubrication when used close up, as well as a very even spray pattern and coverage when used at distance.

*Multi-purpose, extreme low temperature general airframe grease.


  • Aerospace


  • Aerospace
  • Military

Part Codes

  • Size: 400ml
    Part Number: 16655

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