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Anti Slip Coating


Anti-Slip Coating


  • Only 10 – 20kg per square metre depending upon specification.
  • A range of dressing aggregates is available to meet the required skid resistance values.
  • Completely waterproof-no separate membrane or anti-corrosion treatment needed.
  • Excellent chemical resistance against fuels, oils and de-icing compounds.
  • Design life in excess of 20 years and fully documented case histories
  • Information

    CICOL anti-slip coating systems have an unrivalled track record over the past 35 years in skid and slip prevention. Introduced in 2008, CICOL NT is a tar-free combined anti-skid wearing course and waterproof membrane, and is the first choice anti-slip coating solution for steel, concrete and aluminium substrates when a lightweight anti-skid surface is essential.

    Used consistently across the UK, from the Humber Bridge to Dover Harbour and by customers like Coca-Cola and the British Army.

    CICOL NT anti-slip coating system was developed as a high performance surfacing system for use in both pedestrian and vehicular environments and typical applications include:

    • Bascule/Swing/Foot Bridges
    • Loading bays
    • Forklift truck ramps
    • Walkways
    • Depots
    • Refuelling stations
    • Oil Rigs

    The use of the CICOL NT anti-slip coating system is not confined to the above structures where its lightweight properties are a distinct advantage. There are many instances where other properties make it an ideal choice of surface.

    A range of decorative aggregates can be used in conjunction with CICOL NT anti-slip coating system. Use of these aggregates will significantly reduce the design life and should only be considered for pedestrian areas.

    NOTE: CICOL NT superseded the original CICOL ET version, in line with current legislation governing use of epoxy-tar compounds.