VGP compliant wire rope lubricant - environmentally acceptable lubricant with no performance loss


BIOGEN WIRESHIELD is a VGP Compliant Environmentally Acceptable Lubricant (EAL) with no loss of performance. The usage of EALs is enforced by law. BIOGEN WIRESHIELD carries the European Ecolabel and is designed for use on wire ropes and umbilicals.

EU Ecolabel

The usage of environmentally acceptable lubricants is enforced by law.

“Wire ropes are like complex machines requiring dedicated lubricants to perform”

As a direct oil-to-sea interface, wire ropes and ROV umbilicals are required under the new VGP requirements to be Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EALs). BIOGEN WIRESHIELD carries the European Ecolabel (Licence no. UK/27/013) and is therefore fully VGP compliant.

Temperature range: -50°C to +180°C

Offshore operators can depend on a single wire rope and ROV umbilical lubricant in all operating conditions. There is no risk of BIOGEN WIRESHIELD going brittle at very low temperatures, and at the highest operating temperatures, such as those endured by the wire ropes in active heave compensation (AHC) systems, the lubricant performs to the same high standard without melting and dripping onto decks, preventing a safety risk.

No compromise

Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants are often quoted as having reduced performance capabilities when compared to traditional mineral oil lubricants. BIOGEN WIRESHIELD has been developed to either equal or outperform mineral oil lubricants.

Operators no longer need to compromise the protection of their wire ropes and umbilicals in order to meet environmental regulations and legislation. In-house laboratory tests and extensive field trials with some of the largest wire rope and umbilical users and manufacturers in the world have repeatedly proven the quality of BIOGEN WIRESHIELD.

Pseudoplastic rheology

Shear or agitation causes a reduction in the dynamic viscosity of BIOGEN WIRESHIELD:

  • Allowing maximum penetration into the core of wire ropes and umbilicals.
  • Increasing pumpability during automatic application, minimising blockages.

Whilst at rest the lubricant behaves like highly tenacious grease:

  • Optimising wash-off and fling-off resistance.

Corrosion resistance

Corrosion is a primary cause of premature wire rope and umbilical failure. BIOGEN WIRESHIELD is proven to excel in the most corrosive of atmospheres.

Identical sections of wire ropes and armoured umbilicals were exposed to a salt spray fog for 1000 hours. The samples were galvanised, providing limited protection from corrosion through the formation of white zinc oxides and carbonates on their surfaces. If a lubricant can prevent this galvanic formation, it shows excellent anti-corrosion protection.

BIOGEN WIRESHIELD has been formulated to the following specification:

Maximum Penetration Ensuring Protection at the Cable Core
Excellent Corrosion Protection Preventing Premature Failure
Extreme Wash-Off Resistance Guaranteeing Protection when Wet
High Fling-Off Resistance Minimising Slip Hazards Whilst Providing Long Term Protection
Friction Reduction Reducing Abrasion and Wear
Simple & Safe Application Non-Hazardous to the Operator
High Level of Pumpability Easy Application with Automatic Lubricators
High Temperature Stability Ensuring Protection at High Temperatures
Low Temperature Capabilities Suitable for Arctic & Antarctic Conditions
Stable in the Presence of Salt Water Protection does not Fail when Exposed to Sea Water


BIOGEN WIRESHIELD has been licenced to European Ecolabel (Licence no. UK/27/013). European Ecolabel is independent verification that BIOGEN WIRESHIELD meets the most stringent environmental standards and the US VGP regulations.

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