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    The beverage industry has many demanding and high speed applications. FOODLUBE Seamer oil 150 has been designed and tested within the industry to ensure maximum equipment life coupled with food safety compliance. FOODLUBE Extreme has also undergone rigorous testing in seeming heads to significantly improve roller life by 60%.


    ROCOL understands the production limitations and issues in modern bakeries. Our FOODLUBE range hold dry film lubricants to overcome such issues. Bakerlube Hi-Temperature chain lubricants have been designed for the bakery industry to deal with the demanding environments found in all bakery ovens with products able to operate at up to 550 degrees C.

  • MEAT/

    Demanding legislation now dictates full compliance for all lubricants used in meat production areas. ROCOL answers to this demand by creating the NSF H1-3H Purol grease and Fluid able to come into direct contact with the meat.

  • DAIRY/

    Understanding your process is ROCOL’s way to develop products. Issues were found with homogenisers emulsifying oils in application significantly reducing their service life. ROCOL developed RAPID Demulse oils to quickly demulsify from water, thus enabling excess water to be drained and oil service life increased.


    The fruit and vegetable industries are place where machines washed constantly creating lubrication issue. To answer to the need of this industry, ROCOL has developed NSF H1 bearing grease called FOODLUBE Extreme to resist in extremely wet conditions like fruit and vegetables processes


    By supplying many global manufacturers in the pharma industry ROCOL has developed industry specific products alongside our fully comprehensive FOODLUBE range to ensure every application is catered for. Being a manufacturer we are able to research and develop new products by customer demand.


    ROCOL have tailored its food safe lubricants offering to accommodate issues encountered by confectionary manufactures. As Example, the Sugar dissolving Fluid, that effectively removes build-up of sugars, powders and fondant from machinery in production areas is 100% audit compliant thanks to its NSF-H1 registration.


FOODLUBE is the food grade lubricants solution of choice for the food and clean industries.

In addition to being NSF H1 registered for absolute food safety, FOODLUBE food grade lubricants help to improve cleanliness and efficiency while significantly reducing costs and downtime.

Over 30 years spent working with the world’s leading food manufacturing and processing companies has given ROCOL the experience to offer the best advice, delivering results through the implementation of a proven lubrication management strategy that is consistent with current food safety legislation and easily integrated into your HACCP processes.

ROCOL have added additional safety dimension with the introduction of DETEX metal detectable caps on all aerosol cans and cartridges.

Today, for our customers, the FOODLUBE brand of food grade lubricants is synonymous with:

  • Increased Overall Equipment Efficiency
  • Full audit compliance
  • Training and support
  • Total peace of mind
  • Cost efficiency
  • Food safety

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