15 May 2020

EASYLINE Edge - Line marking made easy

This video explains why buying our EASYLINE EDGE line marking machine is the right solution for all your line marking needs.

Watch this video to see why you should use the new EASYLINE Edge line marking machine and paint system.

Remember these quick steps to best practice paint line marking:

  1. All surfaces should be clean, dry and dust free before application.
  2. Assemble the line marking machine. See this video for a quick guide
  3. Insert the compatible paint. EASYLINE EDGE paint must be used with the EASYLINE EDGE applicator)
  4. For optimum line quality, the can temperature should be 15 – 25 degrees centigrade.
  5. Paint your line – follow a chalk line or straight edge to get your line as true and straight as you can.
  6. Allow the paint to touch-dry (10 minutes for ROCOL EASYLINE EDGE paint).
  7. Give the applicator a quick clean before you finish so it its clean and ready to use next time you need to paint neat and well defined lines.

Take a look at some more information on the EASYLNE EDGE line marking machine and paint system!

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