13 September 2018

LEAK DETECTOR Spray Demonstration

Demonstration of the industry leading leak detector spray. Highly effective aerosol for the detection of both small and large leaks in gas pipelines.

This leak detection spray meets all the below requirements and is the industry go to leak detection spray.

VOSA MOT Special Notice 1-2011 states that it is compulsory for MOT Test Stations to stock “A proprietary leak detection spray which meets BS EN 14291:2004 requirements”.

ROCOL LEAK DETECTOR Spray meets the requirements of BS EN14291:2004 (Foam producing solutions for leak detection on gas installations).
  1. Ideal for use on bottled gases including oxygen and acetylene.
  2. Meets the product specification given in IGE/UP/1B Edition 2.
  3. Meets the oxygen compatibility requirements of MIL-PRF-25567E.

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