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What do we offer?

To support our portfolio of high performance lubricants, ROCOL provides training services to ensure their optimum use. As market-leaders and experts we want to provide the best experience for our customers so they can get the most from the products and so we can help them with industry efficiency and compliance.

We provide different levels of training, across the full portfolio, designed to help users ensure maximum up time and maximise component life.
Using the correct lubricant, the correct amount and to the correct frequency provides great benefits to companies which can lead to increased productivity and profit.

What do we offer?

How is it delivered?

Training is delivered by the ROCOL technical team and can be held at customers’ sites or in the ROCOL Academy at ROCOL, where attendees can benefit from a tour of the factory and the laboratories.
Training is tailored to the customer’s needs and can include practical, hands-on support across:

  • Typical applications eg. bearings, chains, gearboxes, machining operations etc
  • Lubricant fundamentals
  • What is food grade?
  • Best practice
  • Product training
How is it delivered?

Who is it for?

We have delivered multiple programmes across different jobs and different career levels including:
• Managers
• Engineers
• Lubrication Champions
• Operators
• Apprentices

Who is it for?

Online training

Who are the online training courses for?

Our online training courses are designed for all operators and maintenance engineers involved in equipment maintenance – whether you are new in the role, or a seasoned engineer wanting to refresh your knowledge! We have also got training courses available to those who sell lubricants into the food industry and would like to gain more in-depth knowledge and understanding of the applications found in the various sub-sectors and what lubricants should be used where.

What do the online training courses cover?

We have courses that cover the fundamentals of lubrication from bearings and chains through to gearboxes and hydraulics and everything in between, and we now have food industry application courses that have been developed by one of our in-house experts.

Online training

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