Metalworking Solutions

Glass production

Our GLASSFLO products are lubricants & coatings that assist production in the glass manufacturing industry. Our solutions include:

  • Dry lubricant for wire mesh belts and slide plates found on glass container making machines
  • Dry coating system for scoops, troughs and deflectors used on all types of glass forming delivery equipment
  • Aerosol mould pre-treatment – removing the need for manual swabbing of moulds during start up

Hot metal forging

Our METALFLO products are lubricants to assist manufacturing in the forging industry.

Our experts both in the laboratories and out in the field have developed products that assist with:

  • Lubricating dies and pegs in hot brass and copper stamping
  • Lubricating closed dies in ferrous forging
  • Parting in gravity die casting
  • Drop hammers and press forgings

Plastic injection moulding

Our mould release agents give fast, efficient and clean release of all types of plastics and rubbers. They provide faithful reproduction of the mould profile however complex the mould or minute the detail. They are commonly used in injection and compression mouldings, as well as extrusion and glass fibre lay up work.

Available in both silicone and silicone-free versions.

Welding and fabrication

ROCOL offers various solutions within the Welding and Fabrication sector. Solutions that play an important role in day to day activities and whose performance and impact should not be underestimated.

  • SPATTER RELEASE prevents the adhesion of molten weld spatter to the work piece, fixtures, jigs, shrouds and nozzles. They provide a cost effective even film with excellent spatter release properties.
  • LAYOUT INK provides faster, cleaner, more accurate marking out on all metal and plastic surfaces. It gives a smooth even film, enabling clear sharply defined lines to be scribed easily on all surfaces without chipping.
  • FLAWFINDER non-destructive inspection system provides a fast, reliable method for visible detection of cracks or flaws which would not normally be visible to the naked eye. Used to inspect welded joints, castings, forgings on many different materials.

ULTRAFORM – Cold metal forming

A focused range of forming lubricants designed and developed with our customers for cold forming operations such as:

  • Deep drawing
  • Forming
  • Piercing
  • Blanking

We have developed neat oils and water extendable solutions to meet the needs of all cold forming operations.

Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL)

With dry machining there is no lubricant to protect the part and tool, no barrier to reduce heat buildup, no means to prolong tool life. These problems are eliminated in near-dry machining with minimum quantity lubrication and precision application of lubricant droplets to the tool’s cutting edge.

ACCU-Lube provides and range of applicators and lubricants for all metal types and operations.

Our Office

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Head office

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