Incidental food contact lubrication

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Since 1878 ROCOL has established itself as the market leader in the development of the highest performing chemicals and lubricants by understanding the complex needs of the industrial, clean and safety markets. Our comprehensive range includes high performance lubricants, cutting fluids and line marking systems. ROCOL operates to internationally recognised standards for quality, environment and safety. ROCOL is proud of its commitment to the continual engagement and development of staff and holds Investors In People accreditation.

ISO 21469 Certification

ROCOL is proud to be one of only a few companies worldwide that has achieved ISO 21469 approval. This approval takes into consideration our manufacturing facility for hygiene, quality, dedicated manufacturing areas and good manufacturing practice. states: ISO 21469:2006 specifies hygiene requirements for the formulation, manufacture, use and handling of lubricants.
Within a factory environment, lubricants can come into incidental contact with products and packaging used in the food, food-processing, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, tobacco or animal-feeding-stuffs industries.

All ROCOL food grade products are manufactured within the strict guidelines of ISO 21469:2006, ensuring zero risk to customer products and consumers in the event of contamination.


ROCOL has an enhanced product offering with the addition of our FOODLUBE® range of products. These products help your facility operate more safely, without sacrificing performance. The ROCOL FOODLUBE range features a wide range of lubricants which have been specifically developed to answer the needs of the demanding food processing market. Consisting of the finest food grade base oils, including synthetics, renewable oils and silicones, these lubricants are also treated with the most effective anti-oxidants and additives to specifically address the performance and application needs of today’s food industry. With higher load carrying capability, superior resistance to water wash out, lower flammability ratings and wider temperature ranges, our FOODLUBE products have been designed to preserve and protect against costly breakdowns and ensure maximum performance.

Also, equally as important as performance in today’s heightened regulatory environment, all of our food grade lubricants are NSF H1 compliant. Leveraging NSF’s voluntary registration program for non-food compounds and proprietary substance, you can be assured that the FOODLUBE® range meets the formulation hygiene requirements for the use and handling of lubricants which may come into contact with food, cosmetics or animal feed products during manufacture or processing. All ROCOL FOODLUBE products are mineral hydrocarbon free and H1 registered, therefore can be used as an incidental food contact lubricant.

The NSF Certification and H1 Rating gives you the confidence of knowing the products and processes of ROCOL’s FOODLUBE offering are in compliance with internationally accepted food safety standards which is a key component in any HACCP-based risk management program.

Fully Audited Process

ROCOL has been audited by NSF, and will continue to be audited annually by NSF, ensuring the highest standards of hygiene and quality are maintained. A sample of every NSF H1 product manufactured by ROCOL has been tested in the NSF laboratories to ensure that they comply with the highest standards of food safety.

The ISO 21469 certification ensures that all ROCOL NSF H1 products are manufactured under strict recipe and hygiene standards in dedicated areas where necessary for complete confirmation that they are food safe.

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