EASYLINE® Edge Applicator

The unique patented EASYLINE® EDGE line marking paint machine is an easy to use paint applicator for small to medium sized areas.

It is easy to achieve professional quality line marking for indoor and outdoor use.

  • Ideal for marking factory floors, warehouses, car parks, playgrounds walkways and other hard flat surfaces.
  • Produces sharp, clear white and yellow line paint which lasts up to 2 times longer than the next best competitor
  • A great white line marker solution for car parks
  • Perfect yellow marker paint applicator for walkways

It can be much more cost effective and more convenient to use a line marking spray like EASYLINE EDGE versus thermoplastic line application.

Take a look at some useful videos!

Product information

A high quality, adjustable line marker spray machine specifically designed for use with the EASYLINE EDGE range of line marking paints.

Ideal for use in small to medium size facilities, the EASYLINE EDGE line marker machine allows sharp, durable, defined lines to be marked quickly in warehouses, car parks, playgrounds and on other hard flat surfaces without the requirement for experience, special tools or external contractors.

New updated line marking machine featuring unique masking plates and silicone brushes

  • Even better edge definition and quality.
  • Paint flow is managed consistently for trouble free marking over long distances
  • Non-stick design can be cleaned without solvents.
  • Battery-powered Airflow System produces sharp, clean

Adjustable rear stabilisers with three possible configurations:

  • Wide: for straight line stability
  • Inline: New freehand marking feature allows the creation of curves (minimum radius 0.6 metres)
  • Curb side: Mark straight lines close to a curbs or racking. (within 70mm)

Now even better over rougher surfaces

  • Wider Track for greater stability
  • Deep rubber tyres all-round
  • Vibration damping in rear wheels
  • Greater ground clearance

Fully Adjustable line width function.

  • All line widths possible between 50mm, and 100mm. (Width setting accuracy +/- 3mm)

This line marking machine/applicator is quick to assemble and simple to use – no specialist equipment or knowledge required.

Supplied in a heavy duty carry case for safe storage and

Masking plates are available to order as a replaceable part

The yellow nozzle must be used for marking out lines with the EASYLINE Edge Applicator-unique interlocking shape.

The white nozzle must be used for stencilling/free marking in the hand held applicator.

The EASYLINE® EDGE Applicator and line marking spray paint are sold separately.

PLEASE NOTE – The EASYLINE® EDGE Applicator is specifically designed for use with EASYLINE® EDGE line marking spray paint 750ml – NOT compatible with other aerosol brands.


  • EASYLINE EDGE Brochure
    EASYLINE EDGE Brochure
  • Safe Distance Floor Marking Solutions
    Safe Distance Floor Marking Solutions

Case Studies

  • EASYLINE EDGE - Car Park
    EASYLINE EDGE - Car Park
  • EASYLINE EDGE – Sportsworks


  • Aerospace
  • Construction
  • Engineering & Fabricators
  • Food & Beverage
  • Mining & Quarrying
  • Plastic Moulding
  • Power Generation
  • Rail
  • Warehousing & Logistics

Part Codes

  • Size: Applicator
    Part Number: 47012
  • Size: Masking Plates
    Part Number: 47014

EASYLINE Edge - How to use

A short video showing how you use our EASYLINE EDGE Applicator.

EASYLINE Edge - Line marking made easy

This video explains why buying our EASYLINE EDGE line marking machine is the right solution for all your line marking needs.

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