Spot and Survey marking paint

EASYLINE Edge Applicator

Easyline Edge Applicator

EASYLINE Edge Applicator

Line Marking Paint Applicator


  • Revolutionary line marking paint applicator-produces 3 line widths; 50mm, 75mm, 100mm
  • Adjustable rear wheels allow line marking close to walls and racks
  • Paint applicator is quick to assemble and simple to use – no additional equipment or knowledge required
  • For internal and external use
  • Supplied in heavy-duty storage case, battery and spare masking plates are included
  • Masking plates are available to order as a replaceable part
  • Information

    Superior performance line marking paint applicator with patented technology-a battery powered airflow system for sharp, clean lines. It is the only line marking paint applicator system that can effectively spray 100mm lines with a single aerosol.

    Spare masking plates

    Masking plates are removable for cleaning or can be replaced

    Two sets of masking plates are provided with each new paint applicator

    Packs containing two sets of masking plates are available to purchase

    NOTE: This is a stand-alone system: EASYLINE Edge line marking paint applicator is specifically designed for use with EASYLINE Edge aerosol line marking paint – other aerosol cans are not compatible.

    The yellow nozzle must be used for marking out lines with the EASYLINE Edge Applicator-unique interlocking shape.

    The white nozzle must be used for stencilling/free marking in the hand held applicator.