FOODLUBE® XT Chain Fluid

Food Grade, High Temperature Chain and Conveyor Lubricant

  • Wide operating temperature range: 0°C to +280°C
  • Excellent anti-wear properties extend chain life
  • Penetrates deep into links and pins for maximum wear protection
  • Anti-oxidant package reduces deposit and varnish formation
  • Low evaporation increases re-lubrication intervals
  • Low fuming supports clean working environment
  • NSF H1 registered & ISO 21469 certified for full audit compliance
  • HALAL Certified
  • Kosher Certified

Product information

FOODLUBE XT Chain Fluid is formulated from a combination of synthetic esters and a special anti-oxidant package, which ensure outstanding performance at temperatures up to +280°C.
This advanced formulation allows FOODLUBE XT Chain Fluid to overcome typical problems experienced by chains at high temperatures such as:

  • Contamination from lubricant dripping or fling-off
  • Carbonised deposits caused by lubrication degradation
  • High oil consumption caused by evaporation loss and fling-off
  • Chain stretch caused by wear from inadequate lubrication

Not only does FOODLUBE XT Chain Fluid offer outstanding operational performance, it is manufactured from FDA listed ingredients, NSF H1 registered and ISO 21469 certified, thereby providing full audit compliance in the food and beverage industry.
FOODLUBE XT Chain Fluid is designed for use with automatic lubricators, including electrostatic systems, making it an ideal product for the lubrication of bakery oven chains and pin chain lubrication in the canning industry.
FOODLUBE XT Chain Fluid does not contain paint wetting impairment substances (PWIS).


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  • FOODLUBE Brochure
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  • HALAL CONTROL (EU) Certification
  • Kosher Certification
  • ISO 21469
  • FOODLUBE® Allergen Statement
  • Allergen & Pesticide Statement

Case Studies

  • FOODLUBE XT Chain Fluid - Bakery
  • FOODLUBE XT Chain Fluid - Meat Factory
  • FOODLUBE XT Chain Fluid - Bakery


  • Food & Beverage

Part Codes

  • Size: 20L
    Part Number: 15800
  • Size: 200L
    Part Number: 15801

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