Perfluoropolyether based grease suitable for a wide range of applications.

• Has an excellent wide temperature range from -20°C to +280°C.
• Is an oxygen resistant, non-toxic lubricant with an extremely high oxidation and thermal resistance.
• The product has an exceptionally long service life providing excellent cost effectiveness from extended lubrication intervals, reduced downtime and reduced labour costs.
• Has outstanding extreme pressure (EP) performance with a weld load of 620 kg.
• This product is designed primarily for extreme applications in aggressive environments, however, it is also used where a long life or a lubricated for life application exists.

Product information

Oxygen compatible lubricant which lengthens relubrication periods dramatically due to its ability to resist degradation in hostile conditions.

Used in gearboxes, anti-friction and plain bearings, or any sliding surface such as pins, valves, plungers, screws etc. Its resistance against aggressive chemicals and strong oxidising agents makes it a natural choice for use in the chemical, dry cleaning, food and related industries.

Extreme high load lubricant, for a wide range of aggressive environments, which will not have a detrimental effect on rubbers, plastics or metals.


  • Specialist Industrial Lubricants
  • Specialist Aerospace Lubricants
  • Aerospace & Defence


  • HALAL CONTROL (EU) Certification
  • Kosher Certification
  • ISO 21469


  • Aerospace
  • Military
  • Food & Beverage
  • Maintenance
  • Marine

Part Codes

  • Size: 100g
    Part Number: 39041
  • Size: 400g
    Part Number: 39043

How to use a standard grease gun

This video is a short demonstration on how to use a standard grease gun.

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