• Reduces wear to significantly extend gear box life
  • Contains unique SUPS* technology to protect gear teeth on start-up
  • High performance, even under extreme pressure
  • Decreases oil change frequency, reducing total cost of ownership
  • Available in a range of viscosities to cover all applications

Product information

SAPPHIRE Hi-Torque is a range of semi-synthetic gear oils that minimise wear, thereby reducing risk of breakdown and significantly extending gear box life.

*SAPPHIRE Hi-Torque incorporates the ROCOL Start Up Protection System, a unique additive package that ensures gear teeth are lubricated on start-up, even after a prolonged shut-down. Unlike traditional gear oils where gear teeth are unprotected until enough oil has splashed around the gear box, SUPS technology leaves gear teeth coated with oil after shut-down, and when the gears begin to turn again, more oil is very quickly picked up by the gears for maximum protection. Watch our video to see SUPS in action!
SAPPHIRE Hi-Torque gear oils have a weld load of 560kg, making them ideal for heavily loaded gears and any heavy industrial applications.
The low-foaming properties of SAPPHIRE Hi-Torque prevents aeration of the oil, ensuring a quality, long-lasting lubricating film exists to protect gears, even at high speeds.

*High performance gear oil with start up protection system


  • Specialist Industrial Lubricants
  • Heavy Industry


  • Construction
  • Maintenance
  • Marine
  • Mining & Quarrying
  • Power Generation
  • Rail

Part Codes

  • Size: Hi-Torque150-20l
    Part Number: 21055
  • Size: Hi-Torque150-200l
    Part Number: 21059
  • Size: Hi-Torque220-5l
    Part Number: 21016
  • Size: Hi-Torque220-20l
    Part Number: 21015
  • Size: Hi-Torque220-200l
    Part Number: 21019
  • Size: Hi-Torque320-20l
    Part Number: 21025
  • Size: Hi-Torque320-200l
    Part Number: 21029
  • Size: Hi-Torque460-20l
    Part Number: 21035
  • Size: Hi-Torque680-20l
    Part Number: 21045

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