TRI-Logic VG68

  • Contains special additives which prevent the oil being degraded by bacteria and fungi when it drains into the cutting fluid system
  • Highly tenacious film-resistant to water wash off/protects slides from corrosion
  • Good lubrication & load carrying properties – reduces wear and prevents ‘stick slip’
  • Rapid demulsification-separates rapidly from cutting fluid & easily removed by oil skimmers/separators
  • For optimum performance use with TRI-Logic cutting fluids and TRI-Logic RTD

Product information

TRI-Logic VG68 is a premium quality slideway lubricant designed to be used as part of the TRI-Logic system.

*Patented slideway lubricant


  • Machine Shop Solutions Selector


  • Automotive
  • Engineering & Fabricators

Part Codes

  • Size: 200l
    Part Number: 52129

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