TUFGEAR Universal

Heavy-duty open gear grease containing a blend of high load carrying solids designed to lubricate and protect gears used in extreme environments.

• Wide temperature range -40°C to +120°C.
• Non-melting grease containing a blend of high load carrying solids.
• Combination of high load carrying solids boosts the heavy duty performance particularly in highly loaded applications.
• Demonstrates outstanding EP performance with a weld load of 800 kg.
• Excellent corrosion resistance to protect in humid, damp and even wet conditions.
• It is highly tenacious ensuring that the lubricant adheres to the gear teeth and does not fling off.
• Maintains integrity in extreme conditions and continues to protect over extended lubrication intervals, reducing equipment failure, downtime and lubricant usage.

Product information

Heavy duty open gear grease containing a blend of high load carrying solids designed for the effective lubrication and protection of gears used in extreme environments.

Highly water resistant, long life grease for the lubrication of all types and sizes of open gears.

Can also be used as a heavy duty, highly adhesive, lubricant for the external protection of wire ropes in extreme, arduous conditions typically found in marine environments.


  • Specialist Industrial Lubricants
  • Marine & Offshore Lubrication
  • Heavy Industry
  • Aerospace & Defence
  • Crane Lubrication Solutions Brochure


  • Aerospace
  • Military
  • Maintenance
  • Marine
  • Mining & Quarrying
  • Power Generation

Part Codes

  • Size: 400g
    Part Number: 18302
  • Size: 5kg
    Part Number: 18305
  • Size: 18kg
    Part Number: 18304

How to use a standard grease gun

This video is a short demonstration on how to use a standard grease gun.

Four Ball Weld Test Demonstration

This video is a demonstration of a standard four ball weld test. The test is deemed to be complete when the ball bearings have welded together under the heat generated by friction. The first test is completed with a general purpose maintenance grease and the second test uses a bearing lubricant from our FOODLUBE range.

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