V-cut EP

High quality metal working fluid and cold metal forming lubricant

  • Very economical dilutions, up to 35:1
  • Contains extreme pressure additives enabling best performance when machining harder materials such as hardened steels or similar tough alloys
  • A blend of additives and good lubricity prolongs tool life and enables faster machining rates, providing excellent cost savings on expensive tooling
  • Prolonged and predictable sump life

Product information

The V-cut range is a synergistic range of cutting fluids, hydraulic oils and a slideway lubricant designed to deliver excellent results.

V-cut is engineered to give maximum value to users whilst never compromising on performance due to its utilisation of the latest additive technology.

The V-cut technology is suitable for a wide range of metal working operations including turning, milling, grinding and drilling etc.

Suitable for ferrous and non-ferrous materials and with smaller pack sizes available V-cut is the ideal complete range for small to medium sized machine shops.

V-cut EP is an extreme pressure cutting fluid, a water mix fluid providing a milky type emulsion. Designed for medium to heavy duty cutting operations / materials.


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Case Studies

  • V-CUT EP - Brockington & Scott Ltd
  • V-CUT EP - Oxford Precision Components


  • Engineering & Fabricators

Part Codes

  • Size: 20l
    Part Number: 51533
  • Size: 55l
    Part Number: 51530

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