Weapon Guard 24

Lubricating Oil for Small Arms and Light Calibre Weapons

  • Demonstrates a good temperature range of -54°C to +50°C.
  • Suitable for small arms up to 20mm calibre.
  • Replaces OX-18 for small arms applications.
  • Provides good water displacing properties.
  • Exhibits good lubrication and corrosion protection of intricate components.
  • Does not contain silicones or chlorinated solvents.

Product information

Used for the lubrication and preservation of small arms and light calibre weapons up to 20mm.

OX-24 is compatible with current weapon cleaning/lubrication kits and is to be applied in accordance with the appropriate weapon cleaning/lubricating instructions.

Based on synthetic hydrocarbon oil with corrosion and oxidation

The OX-24 specification includes tests for total acid number, copper corrosion prevention, wear prevention, corrosiveness and oxidation stability and elastomer compatibility.


  • Specialist Industrial Lubricants
  • Aerospace & Defence
  • Specialist Aerospace Lubricants


  • Aerospace
  • Military

Part Codes

  • Size: 20l
    Part Number: 16617
  • Size: 1l
    Part Number: 16611

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