We take ours seriously

Everybody at ROCOL takes corporate social responsibility (CSR) seriously and we show this by:

  • Ensuring safe working conditions and practices
  • Committing to the development and well being of our employees
  • Focusing on reducing our impact on the environment

Health and Safety

The health and safety of our employees, business partners and neighbours is one of our highest priorities. We conduct our business in a manner which ensures that health and safety, individula responsibility and accountability are assigned at all levels within the organisation. Good health and safety performance is critical to the success of our business.

The below health and safety policy reflects our commitment to ensuring that we provide, maintain and promote safe working conditions, equipment and systems of work for all employees, visitors and contractors.

We are careful to comply with all health and safety legislation and work to best practice standards wherever possible. Ensuring the safety of our practices directly benefits our customers, their employees and the communities in which they operate ensuring everyone has trust and confidence in how we operate.

We have identified long term goals which underpin all of our health and safety focuses and initiatives.

These include:

  • Zero major and lost time incidents across the business
  • Zero work related ill health issues

All of our health and safety goals are supported by our BS OHSAS 18001 accreditation.

Valuing Our Workforce

It’s our people and their know-how, commitment, drive and ingenuity that ensures customer satisfaction and fuels our growth around the world. As an organisation, we focus on identifying and developing promising talent at every level of the organisation.

Our culture is based on treating individuals with dignity and respect, encouraging open communications and trust, fairness and equity, and encouraging employees to find an effective work-life balance. We value diversity and provide an inclusive environment where everyone is encouraged to participate. Employees are given opportunities for growth and development throughout the organisation and we are proud that ROCOL is accredited to the Investors in People standard.

Environmental Policy

We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment and the achievement of continuous improvement in environmental performance.

Environmental responsibility and accountability are assigned at all levels within the organisation.

Established in May 2007 the Environment Committee was formed to support our ISO14001 accreditation to bring focus and awareness to major improvement programmes which will have an impact on our company, our surroundings. We also set up global initiatives to reduce the impact that our people and business have on the planet.

Through our business planning process we have implemented the following long term goals and initiatives to support these objectives.

  • Zero environmental incidents
  • Emergency plan training for all staff
  • Spill control training for production staff
  • Replacement of brick built oil interceptors
  • Substitution of hazardous raw materials
  • Reduction in hazardous waste produced
  • 20% reduction in energy usage by 2013 v 2008
  • Implementation of energy management policy
  • ‘Switch it Off’ campaign
  • Regular monitoring and analysis of energy consumption
  • Conducting a full site lighting survey and implement recommendations
  • Implement an enhanced heating management system in production areas
  • Reduction of waste sent to landfill by 50%
  • Recycling of general waste normally sent to landfill
  • Installation of glass recycling centre
  • Installation of can crusher
Production Quality