ROCOL attend RUBIX southern team engagement event


As part of our ongoing support for our distributors, two members of the ROCOL team attended the RUBIX southern team engagement event at the start of January.

Held at Sedgebrough Hall in Northamptonshire, ROCOL were one of only ten companies, and the only lubrication specialist, invited to attend. The event was an opportunity to meet members of the RUBIX team, demonstrate how ROCOL products work, talk about the advantages of ROCOLCARE and answer questions and queries that will help solve issues that customers are experiencing and help them get the most from their lubrication products.

RUBIX are a leading industrial distributor with over 750 locations across 22 countries. They offer specialist expertise in specifying and are Europe’s largest supplier of industrial maintenance, repair and overhaul products and services.

ROCOL Channel Manager, Emma Hamilton attended the day and said, “It was great to talk to so many people about ROCOL products and offer advice and help on some specific issues that they were seeing with customers. The day also enabled us to demonstrate just what the products can offer to RUBIX customers and explain just why so many companies chose ROCOLCARE to look after their equipment. We came away with some great contacts and enquiries to follow up on, we hope that those we talked to got as much from the day as we did.”

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