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Industrial Lubricants for Automotive Production and Assembly

Automotive Excellence

In automobile manufacturing, operating at speed and with minimal interruption or downtime is critical – which requires ongoing specialist care for your production machinery.

A world-leader in high-performance industrial automotive lubrication and machine maintenance solutions, ROCOL® assists customers in the automotive industry assuring their equipment is cared for, and production lines stay operational.

Car on automotive assembly line

Lean and Green

There are multiple steps in the automotive assembly journey, each one reliant on machinery that works efficiently, often on a continuous cycle 24/7.

It takes the greatest products and most advanced solutions to keep your machines moving so your vehicles are produced lean thanks to minimal downtime and unnecessary product faults.

Plus, the more efficient your production lines are, the less energy is wasted, a win-win all around.

Automobile on automotive assembly line

Paint Shop Perfection

It takes several robotic sprays and ovens working to extreme temperatures to achieve the premium paint finish your customers are expecting from their new vehicles. The slightest imperfection can lead to product rejection, forcing you to repeat the entire process – which costs you time and money.

ROCOL lubricants are optimised for automotive paint shops. Our products are free from silicone, non-dripping and suited to the atmospheric conditions with each one compatible with the paint in use to achieve the greatest results for your vehicle.

Painting a car in an automotive factory paint shop

Machine Maintenance

As automotive manufacturers know, premature failure of even the smallest machine component can result in significant downtime and loss of production. It means every last piece in your machinery needs caring for so it stays clean, free from contaminants that can cause harm during the production-process, and fully functional. Maintenance is critical within your assembly plant – that’s at every step in the production cycle.

ROCOL® is trusted by industry leaders in automotive production machinery like Honda, Nissan, Toyota, Jaguar Land Rover, Denso WEBB, Winar, Movetech, TAL and BASF.

Automated machinery working in an automotive assembly line

Driving the automotive industry forwards

At ROCOL we understand that conveyor chains and gearboxes are amongst the most critical applications in automotive manufacturing. These components are integral to the efficiency of an automotive assembly line and must be looked after to avoid unnecessary downtime.

Our CHAINGUARD chain lubricants and SAPPHIRE Hi-Torque gear oils are the right solution for maximising automotive assembly line uptime.

Car chassis on automotive assembly line

Greasing the wheels of industry

Bearings are everywhere in an automotive assembly line. A common issue with bearing greases in automotive manufacture is grease separation and the base oil dripping on component tracks leading to rejection of auto components.

At ROCOL, we have developed SAPPHIRE Ultra which sticks to the inside balls of the bearings avoiding any dripping issues and no more rejections saving time and money.

Nearly built car on conveyor

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