Happy Birthday ULTRACUT® 370! 33 years of development and innovation. - Blog

February 1984: Apple computer had just released their Macintosh personal computer, Frankie goes to Hollywood were telling us to ‘Relax’ and Torville and Dean took gold in the Ice Dancing at the Winter Olympics in Sarajevo. Amongst these other historical events, ROCOL® launched ULTRACUT® 370, a new and innovative cutting and grinding fluid offering premium performance even at high dilutions and across a range of metal alloys.

Since then, market requirements and technologies have changed. With a strong history of development and innovation, ROCOL has kept up the pace and continued to improve on the ULTRACUT 370 formulation to ensure that technical, safety and cost performance are always optimised.

In 2017, ULTRACUT 370 Plus still offers the same high dilutions and premium performance as it did back in 1984, but has evolved with changes in additive technology to offer an improved health and safety profile, elimination of biocides whilst maintaining a long sump life and improved handling characteristics. Truly Performance you can Trust!