4th European Dredging Summit


The world in which dredging industry operates, is rapidly changing. Climate changes, regulations, technological innovations and global trade developments with emphasis on sustainability have significant impact on dredging.

ROCOL will be presenting its wire rope technologies and how they can have a beneficial impact on the vessels and operators with a keen focus on sustainability and efficiencies.
In an industry where reducing down-time and disruption is vital to the success of your operations, you need to have full confidence in your lubrication supplier.
ROCOL technically advanced lubricants are developed by our chemists and engineers to operate in the harshest conditions. Our wire rope products offer:

  • Market-leading corrosion protection
  • Maximum penetration and protection to the rope core with our unique technology
  • EU Ecolabel approval and VGP compliance: biodegradable, minimally toxic, non-bioaccumulative and produces no sheen effect

Topics covered at the summit will be:

  • Future economic trends & keeping up with environmental legislations at European market
  • The importance of monitoring for effective project development: Measuring, designing and implementing
  • Challenges and possibilities of being financed by EU
  • Impacts and benefits of Water Injection Dredging
  • Sediment Management: Innovative Use and Beneficial Reuse of Dredged Materials
  • Cost effective & green solutions: Dredging as the answer to climate changes
    Cities & Ports: Improving relationship with local authorities
  • The need of control emission & ensuring new investments: Effective Operations for dredging companies

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