Cleaning wipes get NSF approval

Product News

ROCOL SCRUBS ultra-strong cleaning towels have been registered by the NSF under the C1 classification, meaning that the wipes are safe for use in inedible product processing, non-processing areas and exterior areas of food and beverage processing facilities.

Any product being used in an application where there is any risk of the contamination of the food or beverage item must be registered by the NSF in the most suitable category for the application.

Achieving the NSF C1 classification for the SCRUBS wipes gives engineers operating in these environments peace of mind that SCRUBS are safe for use in parts of their factory. The wipes are designed to remove dirt, tar, oils, grease and general grime that builds up in food processing facilities from hands, tools and surfaces quickly and effectively without soap or water. The formulation of the wipes is said to lock in dirt, preventing it from transferring back onto users’ hands. SCRUBS are also dermatologically tested and contain skin conditioner to leave hands clean and free from dryness and irritation. Supplied in a durable bucket with a snap-on handle, they can be easily transported around the factory.

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