A new range of galvanising sprays from ROCOL provides a highly effective and easy way to protect metal components from corrosion on-site with a lasting, galvanised-quality finish.

The coatings delivered by ROCOL Metal Enriched Paints, including Cold Galvanising Spray and its GALVA range, provide triple protection to metal surfaces which are prone to rusting, especially those in heavy industrial and marine environments, by combining enhanced water resistance with optimum cathodic defence and mechanical toughness.

With corrosion resistance up to seven times more effective than other products on the market, ROCOL galvanising sprays provide a highly flexible way to galvanise metal in-situ. The superior quality protection is equivalent to that of hot-dip galvanisation, which can only be performed in permanent, dedicated facilities.

The non-toxic formulation contains high levels of very pure zinc to provide superior cathodic defence, with the zinc sacrificed to oxidise in place of the steel it is protecting. The coating offers enhanced water resistance by smoothing the metal surface and filling minute pits in the surface which ordinarily cause water ‘pooling’ rather than run-off.

Finally, the binder within ROCOL galvanising sprays is an advanced resin system that increases durability and resilience to abrasion. The ultimate performance, COLD GALVANISING Spray delivers corrosion protection even when scratched, as the galvanic cell which is produced by the coating shields the damaged area.

Gareth Procter, ROCOL product manager, said: ?The differences between a standard paint and our metal enriched GALVA products are significant. When the passive barrier of a standard paint is breached, it will offer no protection against corrosion and rust will form underneath the paint.

?Cold Galvanising Spray and GALVA prevent this with their extreme durability making them ideal for use on demanding applications with high levels of abrasion, such as chains, RORO terminals and machinery. They can be over painted, too, and can even be applied on top of light rusting without affecting the cathodic protection.?

ROCOL Cold Galvanising Spray provides the ultimate protection for metal components with its zinc-rich coating offering zero corrosion in a 3,500 hour salt spray test. It is complemented by the GALVA range comprising three products which, like Cold Galvanising Spray, take just 24 hours to fully cure and offer up to 80% greater coverage than rival sprays.

GALVA MATT is designed for applications requiring a permanent matt coating and GALVA BRIGHT is the solution for bright finishes. Both products have successfully demonstrated zero corrosion in 2,000 hour salt spray testing. Completing the range is GALVA FLASH, a unique product which is suitable for metal components requiring a permanent bright, glossy appearance with the lustre of aluminium.

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