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The ROCOL pharmaceutical industry lubrication range consists of high performance lubricants for use in pharmaceutical processing facilities. Our specially formulated lubricants and greases have been developed to provide best in class performance across a wide range of applications fully catering for all lubrication needs.

Our products make sure that all your machinery runs efficiently and significantly reduces component failure and therefore minimises unplanned production line downtime. Meaning you get the most out of your tablet presses, blister machines, blowers, mixers and coaters and your customer gets their product on time every time.

At ROCOL® we pride ourselves on producing technically advanced products with industry needs at their core. Each and every product has been developed in the spirit ROCOL is renowned for:

• Trusted superior performance
• High quality
• Technical innovation
• Problem solving
• Excellent technical and after-sales support

ROCOL’s extensive portfolio includes a comprehensive range of high performance specialist lubricants for the pharmaceutical sector. Specifically designed to meet appropriate requirements and standards, our products offer exceptional performance and reliability in an industry where reputation is everything.


An excellent all round semi-fluid grease offering very good pumpability, extreme water wash off resistance and good corrosion protection. The grease also has a good load carrying capability and won’t separate under pressure.

In a recent field trial, in which this grease ran for 50 hours, there was no change in temperature or noise with the gearbox. A good indication that the gearbox is running smoother without the risk of the bearings being prematurely worn or destroyed. A real benefit in water treatment facilities when gearboxes need to be left operating reliably in isolation for months on end.

Find out how we did it in this case study

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A high performance EP grease, fortified with PTFE, designed for enhanced lubrication, particularly high speed and temperature applications.

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A white non-toxic, anti-seize lubricating paste that is designed for use in food, pharmaceutical and other clean environments.

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A food grade, fully synthetic gear oil that minimises wear, thereby reducing risk of breakdown and significantly extending gear box life, proven to extend oil change intervals to up to 4 years.

A gearbox oil that saves you money

This case study shows how we were able to save a customer in a related industry over £20,000 in replacement components and maintenance labour costs…

Find out how we did it in this case study

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A hydraulic, compressor and airline oil designed to maximise power transfer whilst lubricating and dissipating heat to protect machinery and extend equipment life.

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A non-toxic, lubricating, penetrating and water displacing lubricant ideal for use on chains, bearings, slides and similar mechanisms operating in food, pharmaceutical and other clean environments.

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