Introducing ALGHANEM as ROCOL’s New Distributor in Jordan

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In the world of industrial solutions and lubrication, finding the right partner is crucial to ensure the success of any business. Today, we are thrilled to announce a significant development as ALGHANEM becomes the official distributor for ROCOL products in Jordan. This partnership signifies a commitment to delivering quality, innovation, and expertise in lubrication solutions to the Jordanian market.

ALGHANEM, a leading name in the Jordanian industrial and commercial sectors, has built a reputation for its commitment to excellence, quality, and customer satisfaction. With a strong presence in various industries, including manufacturing, automotive, and construction, ALGHANEM brings a wealth of expertise to the partnership.

The partnership between ROCOL and ALGHANEM represents a shared vision for delivering the highest quality lubrication solutions to the Jordanian market. Both companies share a commitment to customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, and environmental responsibility.

With ALGHANEM as the official distributor of ROCOL products in Jordan, their customers now have access to ROCOL’s premium range of industrial lubricants and maintenance products ensuring that customers receive the right products and support for their specific needs.

Both ROCOL and ALGHANEM are dedicated to staying at the forefront of industry innovation and environmental responsibility, providing sustainable solutions for a better future. The partnership ensures that ROCOL products are also readily available in Jordan, reducing lead times and enhancing overall convenience for customers.

The partnership between ALGHANEM and ROCOL marks an exciting new chapter in the world of industrial lubrication in Jordan. This collaboration is founded on a commitment to quality, innovation, and expertise, offering customers in Jordan access to the best lubrication solutions in the market.

ALGHANEM’s dedication to excellence and ROCOL’s legacy of quality and innovation make this partnership a perfect match. Together, they are poised to bring outstanding industrial lubrication solutions to the Jordanian market, supporting businesses in various sectors in achieving their goals.

For any inquiries or to explore ROCOL’s range of products in Jordan, contact ALGHANEM!

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