New! ROCOL Launches FOODLUBE® Anti-Seize

ROCOL is pleased to announce the launch of FOODLUBE Anti-Seize, the latest addition to our high performance, NSF and ISO21469 registered FOODLUBE range.

FOODLUBE Anti-Seize is a lubricating grease for the food processing industry, where controlled assembly of machinery or ease of disassembly is required, especially in harsh environments (e.g. high temperatures or regular wash-down).

Unlike other anti-seize products, FOODLUBE Anti-Seize is not just food industry compliant, but designed specifically for the food industry. It is optimised for use on stainless steel, which is commonly used in the industry due to its corrosion resistance but is particularly susceptible to pick-up, galling and seizure.

*Meat & dairy processing and packing
*Beverage processing
*Confectionary processing
*Canning plants

*Threaded fasteners

FOODLUBE Anti-seize has been developed as a premium performance anti-seize and assembly grease, and as such offers the following features and benefits:
  • Prevents pick-up, galling, seizure and corrosion, which reduces disassembly time and avoids damage to costly components and extends equipment life.
  • Wide operating temperature range of -30°C to +450°C; extremely tenacious to resist water washoff / washout. Ensures optimum performance even in harsh environments such as high T in ovens, extruders and autoclaves, or wet & corrosive environments in meat & dairy industries.
  • Requires only a thin film for maximum performance – one 500g tin can lubricate 1000 fasteners*. FOODLUBE Anti-seize is economical in use and cost effective for the user.
  • Compatible with a variety of metals, can be used on a wide range of materials, allowing rationalisation of assembly products.
  • Optimised for use on stainless steel, making it ideal for food industry; protects against galling and pick-up and seizure that stainless steel is prone to
  • NSF H1 registered, certified Kosher and manufactured to ISO 21469: meets stringent food safety regulations and ensures full audit compliance, allowing peace of mind

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*Using a degreased M12x60 set screw, full nut and 2 x Form A washers; all A2 stainless steel (304). Lubricant applied to all bolt threads, bolt shoulder, nut face and both sides of both washers using a brush.

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