ROCOL product training brings Belgian lubrication provider up to speed

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When Belgian industrial lubrication provider Lambert Products became part of Ardeca Lubricants (a major player in the automotive sector), additional training was required to bring their sales team up to speed on the extensive ROCOL product range offered by the business.

Tom Daerden, ROCOL’s Area Sales Manager for the Benelux region, was happy to stop by Ardeca’s headquarters in January and present to its sales team, which included five sales engineers and a manager. The team were reassured with the support provided by ROCOL, as well as the knowledge they could get in touch with further feedback and questions in the future.

During this time, Tom delivered a training presentation focused on the complete A-Z of ROCOL’s FOODLUBE product range, including all of its unique selling points. Tom also provided training on the EASYLINE brand as well as the RTD range as an introduction to some of ROCOL’s most popular ranges.

Tom says: “The team at Ardeca felt like they learned a lot of things they’d never heard before. In the future, I will be available for further visits to Ardeca for additional training on ROCOL products, as well as to help train new members of staff.”

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