ROCOL ULTRAFORM 2050 now available in a new pack size

Product News

We are pleased to announce that our popular ROCOL ULTRAFORM 2050 product is now available in 1000 litre containers.

ULTRAFORM 2050 is a high-performance, chlorine-free cold metal forming lubricant that offers excellent performance on all pressing and drawing operations resulting in minimal waste.

Designed to make for easier product handling, as well as offering a superior surface area to volume ratio when transporting and storing than previous pack sizes, the new pack size offers the same high-quality product you have come to know, but in improved packaging.

The new containers are also better for the environment because they can easily be reclaimed, cleaned and reused, so extending their life and reducing what goes to landfill.

Max Reynolds, ROCOL Product Manager, said, “We have had pull from a number of customers for this new format as it is easier for them to move around their facilities. Also, having fewer packing options means that there are fewer item codes when ordering. In turn, this can reduce lead times against making a batch-to-order. As this is now chlorine free it is a substantial saving on waste disposal costs and improves workplace health”.

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