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We are always looking to develop new products that will help manufacturers get the best from the machinery that they depend on.

However, new product development isn’t the only route to innovation. Product evolution also plays a key part in our strategy, and we are continually looking at ways of improving existing products to help make our customers’ lives easier.

Customer feedback is vital in helping us understand how our products are being used in the market and the challenges that they need to overcome. And it was customer feedback that led to our latest product innovation: making our popular FOODLUBE Anti-Seize paste available in a smaller 85g tube.

Thanks to the close working relationship Food Segment Specialist Andy Howard has with customers, we surveyed a cross section to find out whether there were improvements we could make to FOODLUBE Anti-Seize. The message came back loud and clear: the product is fantastic, but the pack size could be more accessible. The majority of engineers using the product are mobile, which meant that a large 500g tin wasn’t ideal for carrying around a site in a workbag.

Armed with this information, ROCOL departments pulled together to find an alternative. It quickly became apparent that we could deliver a cost-effective alternative in the tubes we already use for other products.

The uptake of the new 85g tubes from customers has been fantastic, with comments reflecting just how happy they are with this development.

We never stand still and we are constantly working with our customers to look at ways of improving our products and services to help serve them better.

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