ULTRAGUARD revamp rolled out

Product News

Our ULTRAGUARD range has long been popular with customers as the perfect partner to our range of cutting fluids.

Its popularity doesn’t mean that we sit still, however, as we are always looking to refine and improve the products and services we offer to make sure they continue to meet customer demands. That is why our ULTRAGUARD range has recently undergone a revamp.

Using our bactericide cutting fluid additive, ULTRAGUARD BX as a trial, we changed the pack size from one litre to five litres, upped the dilution to 2000 to 1, and added a fill indicator, making it easy to see how much is left in a pack.

These changes were well received: customers told us that the new pack size is easier to store, and the change in dilution means that they do not need to order as regularly.

That is why, after the initial one-year trial, the entire ULTRAGUARD range has now moved over to the new five-litre pack size, enabling all ULTRAGUARD customers to benefit from the changes, regardless of which product they use.

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