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New approaches in technology have created significant organisational improvements in recent years which is why in January 2020, ROCOL Sales Engineer Ross Doherty attended the National Manufacturing Conference & Exhibition in Ireland to hear from an impressive line-up of manufacturing leaders, academics and government bodies.

Having exhibited at the event four years prior, the conference aimed to showcase the innovative approaches within the food, pharmaceutical, medical, chemical, electronics, and engineering manufacturing sectors and to disseminate the cutting-edge research that underpins them.

Manufacturing within Ireland has some of the best people, products, brands, and innovation and they deserve nothing less than the best business environment to chart a new economic course to growth, but there’s still a lot of work to be done.

That’s why manufacturers small and large from across the country gathered to challenge political decision makers to deliver a business environment that the manufacturing industry truly deserves.

“While in attendance, I gained lots of valuable insight as I got to meet like-minded companies and even some familiar friends along the way. In order to get better exposure of the ROCOL brand, I was keen to get a stand which I believe helped me connect further with senior business leaders to discuss new business opportunities which all in all resulted in more leads.” – Ross Doherty

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