The nation has voted…but do you agree?

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It’s British Pie Week (2-8 March), and The Metro, among others, has revealed the nation’s favourite fillings.

According to research, chicken and mushroom pie is the UK’s number one choice, followed by steak and kidney, steak, beef and onion and Shepherd’s pie. And when it comes to dessert, apple pie tops the bill with banoffee, cherry, pecan and chocolate making up the top five.

The survey also highlights some interesting regional differences: while Londoners prefer apple pie and chicken and mushroom, further north savoury pies are top of the list. Cheese and onion or meat and potato are firm Manchester favourites; with steak pie rated number one among people living in Newcastle and Edinburgh.

These ‘pie charts’ have certainly created some lively debate among the team this week as we’ve argued the case for our favourite fillings, but we have more than just a passing interest in the pastry-based delicacy. Every day, our FOODLUBE products and training are benefiting pie manufacturers across the country.

Greggs is just one of those manufacturers who use FOODLUBE products as part of their machinery maintenance regime. So, while Greggs are busy changing the world with new pastry product innovations, ROCOL products are working hard behind the scenes to help keep their production equipment in tip top condition.

We’re proud to say that we have developed one of the widest portfolios of food grade products on the market. We are recognised for our pioneering new technologies and our FOODLUBE products like the PRECISION SILICONE Spray hold ISO 21469 certification, Halal, Kosher and NSF H1, H2 and 3H amongst various cleaning category approvals and accreditations. And our best practice training for machine operators helps ensure that production lines continue to work uninterrupted and problem free, giving food manufacturers peace of mind.

To find out more about how FOODLUBE products can benefit your factory, or to learn more about our maintenance management training, feel free to get in touch. In the meantime, happy British Pie Week!

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