Inspiring the next generation of STEM students

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As well as developing highly technical products of superior quality, ROCOL is also committed to helping encourage and develop the next generation of students who are looking towards a career in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) fields.

Many of ROCOL’s engineers and chemists are passionate about encouraging anyone who is considering a STEM career, and offering help and advice in a variety of ways. Amongst other things, ROCOL team members have been involved in hosting work placements, mentoring, holding mock interviews, checking CVs and giving careers talks.

Product development engineer, Chris Dyson, recently visited his old school to talk to Year 12 students about what it is like working in a STEM career.

Chris said, “It’s a privilege to meet students who are thinking about careers in STEM fields, to have the opportunity to answer any questions they have and to provide clarity to students who are a bit unsure. As a tribologist and Product Development Engineer at ROCOL I was keen to explain the realities of working in our particular corner of STEM.“

Working in a STEM Field?

“Some people don’t think that their job is interesting enough to share about. However, many students probably think that it is, and they would be encouraged by hearing about the realities of what you do.”

“Engaging with students doesn’t need lots of time or prior experience. Whilst there’s usually some preparation required, there are a lot of resources and support available from industry organisations to provide content, lesson plans, training, DBS services, advice etc. Many schools and organisations already have STEM focused clubs and activities organised but need volunteers.”

The National STEM centre runs a fantastic STEM ambassador scheme. Industry organisations such as the Institution of Mechanical Engineers Ambassadors. The Royal Society of Chemistry resources for education and IOM3 all have helpful resources, too.

Considering a STEM career?

If you are considering a career within a STEM industry, Chris’s advice would be to talk to as many people as possible who are working in the area you are interested in to help you gain real world insights.

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