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As you raise a glass this Saturday to celebrate World Gin Day, spare a thought for the hardworking machines operating night and day to fill the 76 million bottles of gin sold in the UK every year, and the lubricant manufacturers helping to keep those machines running smoothly.

Yes, that’s right: our products have a role to play in making sure the ‘G’ in your G&T reaches you in tip top condition. Among others, our products are used on bottling lines at Dewars in Glasgow, where around six million bottles of Bombay Sapphire gin are processed every year.

The Wine and Spirit Trade Association (WSTA) predicts that domestic sales of UK gin will surpass the 100 million bottle mark in 2020, which means our products will have to work even harder to keep those machines at peak performance. Fortunately, our FOODLUBE range is up to the challenge.

The beverage industry has many demanding and high-speed applications. FOODLUBE Seamer Fluid 150 has been designed and tested within the industry to ensure maximum equipment life, coupled with food safety compliance. And FOODLUBE Extreme has undergone rigorous testing in seaming heads to significantly improve roller life by 60%.

So, while you’re celebrating World Gin Day, rest assured that our products will be working as hard as ever to keep your glass topped up. Cheers!

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