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What is your company and how did your relationship with ROCOL begin?
At Atlantic International Corporation, we always wanted to be the market leader in industrial maintenance and repair in Egypt. The journey to becoming the sole ROCOL distributor in Egypt wasn’t easy and took over three years as the rights to distribute ROCOL in the country belonged to a government agency. However, with our hands-on experts and proven efficiency, we managed to win the business and supply what our customers had been asking for ROCOL products. Since then we have been on a mission to raise awareness of these outstanding products as we know they offer high performance that companies can trust.

How long have you worked with ROCOL and what attracted you to the company?
Our aim is to provide premium support from the moment a customer requests a product, through the sale and into after-sales service. Unlike our previous distribution partner, ROCOL allows us to do that. When we started promoting ROCOL products in Egypt we instantly had positive feedback, which only boosted our belief in the products we were selling. People wanted products they can trust and they get that with ROCOL.

What are your favourite parts about working with ROCOL and why?
ROCOL genuinely care about customers. This is shown by the instant response from the customer service team to questions or requests for technical support. Also, we have regular visits from ROCOL to deliver training and help with any issues that customers may be having. There is a large amount of knowledge in the company and they are always happy to share it with us, which allows us to deliver great service to our customers.
We work in a fast-paced environment, which is why it helps that the information that is shared with us is accurate and open. Also, the fact that ROCOL covers many different sectors makes it one of a kind with the range of products that they provide.

What ROCOL products do you use and where do you use them?
FOODLUBE® Premier 1, FOODLUBE® Hi-Torque and BIOGEN® WIRESHIELD have been my favourite lubricants because they have demonstrated outstanding competence and performance for many customers, and they represent a significant share of repeat business. FOODLUBE® Premier 1 is a uniquely manufactured grease with its phenomenal NLGI 1: it is a very soft white PTFE grease that can operate automatically and manually in numerous applications and wide temperature ranges. FOODLUBE® Hi-Torque has also proven its extreme capability of providing long lubrication intervals: up to five years without the need to be changed. BIOGEN WIRESHIELD® has proved its efficiency as an industry-leading corrosion protection grease, featuring advanced pseudoplastic rheology that protects wire ropes.

Share one experience with ROCOL that made them better than any other competitor.
Al-Quaed, a major animal feed manufacturer in Egypt has saved four times the quantity of grease previously used in their pellet mill. They are now using 45g of ROCOL FOODLUBE Premier 1 grease per hour instead of 200g per hour of a competitor grease. Using FOODLUBE Premier 1 has also prevented 150g per hour of surplus grease from passing into the feed pellets. The results are beyond belief. Bearings now last for 30 months against a previous maximum life of only six months, and the cost-saving is incredible.

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