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What is your company and how did your relationship with ROCOL begin?
Our company ROCOL Lubricants South Africa (Pty) Ltd, specializes in the wholesale distribution of select leading MRO Brands, in both South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa, such as ITW ROCOL® & ITW LPS®. We are a family run business owned by my father our Managing Director Simon Daley. The company is managed by his four sons, myself included. ROCOL has been sold in South Africa for more than 40 years.

How long have you worked with ROCOL and what attracted you to the company?
In November this year, it will be my 18th year working in the business. What attracted me to the company was really my dad, I remember in my youth, seeing my father’s passion for the brand, its products and hearing of new business and projects he was working on in the evenings after he returned from work.

What are your favourite parts about working with ROCOL and why?
There are a few reasons I love working with ROCOL®, the team for one is superb. They are all highly experienced, professional and genuinely super people to work with, many of whom have been at ROCOL® for a long time. I would have to say the best part about working with ROCOL® is being able to sell a brand that offers the customer the best possible performance and value he or she can hope for in a product. Knowing this enables me to approach my customers with confidence. It really is such a privilege in this day and age, to represent a brand that is an industry leader, particularly in producing technologically advanced products with the kind of history that ROCOL® has.

What ROCOL products do you use and where do you use them?
We stock and distribute most of ROCOL’s products. The products are used all over South Africa including Sub-Saharan Africa. ROCOL’s products are sold through our comprehensive network of authorised Distributors and Resellers countrywide and are available at over 200 locations across the country. ROCOL’s products in South Africa are well known and used by some of the largest companies and most respected brands in South Africa.

Industries we supply into include, Food & Beverage, Industrial Manufacturing, Packaging, Mining, Automotive, Power Utilities, Military, Marine & Offshore, Aerospace, Heavy Industry & Pharmaceutical to name a few.

Share one experience with ROCOL that made them better than any other competitor.
I have a number of superb experiences I have seen and been told from our customers who use ROCOL®. One such story is when I was at a large agricultural trade show in South Africa many years ago. I noticed one of the exhibitors was demonstrating their company’s new Magnetic Drills in front of a crowd. They were drilling into a steel girder. The person demonstrating the drill was using the leading competitor tapping fluid. I watched him drill 4 holes before having to change drill bits. I remembered I had a sample bottle of RTD liquid in my bag, so I gave it to them to use during their next demonstration. I watched them drill 12 holes with RTD liquid before needing to change the drill bit, they were simply astonished! What impressed them just as much though, was that the holes were all significantly smoother inside, compared to the previous holes drilled with the leading competitor.

When you or your company is selling a product to another person, your reputation is on the line, there is no better feeling than knowing that the product you are offering them is the best, this is why we at ROCOL® Lubricants South Africa are proud to represent and sell ROCOL®.

If you would like to become a ROCOL distributor in your country, contact us today!

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