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What is your company and how did your relationship with ROCOL begin?
Sociedade de Rolamenos has supplied businesses across Portugal with solutions such as bearings, linear motion, mechanical power transmission, lubrication and sealing systems, tools and machines, fluid handling and repair services since 1939.

ROCOL approached Sociedade de Rolamentos in the early 90s when they were looking for a distributor in Portugal for their bearing greases.

How long have you worked with ROCOL and what attracted you to the company?
At a meeting in Lisbon with ROCOL and J. Vilanova at Sociedade de Rolamentos, it was decided to have a single distributor in Portugal for all ROCOL products, and that would be Sociedade de Rolamentos. We have been working with ROCOL since the beginning of the 90s, and thirty years later we continue to trust them.

What are your favourite parts about working with ROCOL and why?
Our favourite parts about working with ROCOL are their ease and versatility, as well as the speed in which they fill the various products in stock, thus providing a quick supply.

What ROCOL products do you sell and where do you sell them?
We sell multiple ROCOL product ranges to our large customer base, including those designed for demanding applications. We sell to all industry segments, including aerospace, food, metalworking and industrial.

Share something about ROCOL that makes them better than any other competitor
The most important thing over these years that has made ROCOL better than their competitors is the technical support they are able to provide us, both in joint visits and product testing.

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