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How did your career in the lubricants industry begin?
My first taste of the lubrication industry came when I worked at Croda as an Applications Scientist. Even though a lot of the work was for the personal care industry (PC), the testing for PC oils was done in the lubricants lab. All that work was similar to what we do at ROCOL.

How long have you worked at ROCOL and what attracted you to the company?
In comparison to many, I am very new here, but that will be the case when I’ve been here ten years! I’m now into my fifth month and enjoying it a lot.

I love the friendly atmosphere that is here. When I came for my interview I had a tour of the site, during which I bumped into someone I had known from a previous role. We stopped and had a chat before moving on and meeting one of the HR team who welcomed me like they had known me forever. The way they made me feel was more like It was a friendly cup of tea that an interview.

What are your favourite parts of your role?
I love that I get to chat with the team, find out what they are working on and the challenges that they have with the various projects and help them overcome them. One of my big things is that I love to learn new things, so working with such a knowledgeable group is fantastic.

How do you spend your time outside work?
I love to eat and travel. It’s fantastic to try new restaurants and I’m always up for sampling some adventurous food. Although I draw the line at eating insects!

I also enjoy learning new languages. Being from Barcelona, I speak Spanish, Catalonian, Italian, and English. I am currently learning Chinese and French.

Share one fact that your colleagues wouldn’t know about you
I was due to go on a two-week summer language camp in China, but the trip got cancelled due to Covid. I will get to go on it one day!

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