Meet the Team - Dawn Thornton

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How did your career in the lubricants industry begin?
I joined ROCOL as a Customer Service Representative, which is a job I did for around five years before being asked if I would move to work as a Credit Controller. This move led me to become more and more interested in the workings of the finance department. It wasn’t long until I started to study to become an accountant and a promotion to Assistant Accountant soon followed. In 2016, I decided to apply for the role of Customer Services Manager, which is my current job.

How long have you worked at ROCOL and what attracted you to the company?
August 2021 marked 15 years with ROCOL. The company’s reputation was a big thing that attracted me to work here and you know it’s a good place to work when people rarely leave. Also, the locality to my home was another big draw, as I had a young family at the time. Most of all, the role sounded interesting.

What are your favourite parts of your role?
I can honestly say that I love every part of my role. The Customer Service department at ROCOL is different to any Customer Service Team I know. Our customers can contact us about anything, and if we can’t help, we will find someone within the ROCOL team who can ensure that the customer receives the support they need.

Yes, there are days when it gets stressful or things go wrong, but I like these days the best as they keep me busy and out of trouble. No two days are the same in customer service, and again, this is something that I and my team thrive on. The sense of job satisfaction is huge.

How do you spend your time outside work?
It’s been difficult to do over the last 16 months, but I love to socialise with my friends. I also enjoy a spot of DIY and building things is one of my favourite things to do. Lockdown has been amazing for me in some ways as I’ve been in DIY heaven.

Spending time with my husband and kids whilst walking our dog, Ollie, is where I am happiest.

Share one fact that your colleagues wouldn’t know about you.
It may surprise some to know that I used my DIY skills to make a bar in my home. It’s great for when we have friends over and for when we fancy a little drink in an evening.

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