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How did your career in the lubricants industry begin?
I started an apprenticeship in mechanical engineering straight after school. Sadly, that got cut short, so I started work in a press shop. I progressed to being the press shop manager, a role I had for ten years before the company was bought out and the job moved to Wolverhampton. The first time I worked with ROCOL products came in my next role when I operated CNC machines. It was there that I learnt all about lubricants and the importance of using high-quality products in your machines.

How long have you worked at ROCOL and what attracted you to the company?
I’ve been with ROCOL for two months now and I’m enjoying it. In my previous role, my boss ordered a cheaper cooling fluid rather than sticking with the ROCOL products we had been using. Very quickly we started to see issues with the machines and the fluid needing to be replaced much more regularly as it just wasn’t up to the job. The thought of working with such high-quality products daily was what attracted me to ROCOL.

What are your favourite parts of your role?
It’s great getting to visit different companies, knowing that I can help them with issues they are having and look to save them money. I’m looking forward to getting more companies in the South West using ROCOL products.

How do you spend your time outside work?
My kids take up most of my free time. My youngest plays football for the local team, so that’s Saturday taken up. When I get the chance, I like to get a round of golf in, but spending time together as a family is my favourite way to spend leisure time.

Share one fact that your colleagues wouldn’t know about you.
I got married in Las Vegas in 2013. My wife and I had been engaged for about 13 years and she probably thought that we wouldn’t ever get married as it had been so long. My sister lives in Las Vegas and we managed to organise everything without my wife knowing. We flew everyone out there and got married in the same church that my sister was married in a few years earlier.

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