Reduce contamination in your bakery with DETEX

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Plastics are present at almost every stage of the baking process. When it comes to guaranteeing food safety, the stakes are high for bakeries, which means that you cannot afford to take risks. The repercussions of getting it wrong can be expensive to put right and permanently damage your reputation.

Introducing DETEX

While many contamination risks have been successfully managed by using high-quality food grade lubricants, they do not address the risk of plastic entering the production line. That is why ROCOL developed its DETEX range.

Since its launch over ten years ago, DETEX has become essential for bakeries seeking to eliminate the risk of plastic from lubricant usage entering the food chain. It also plays an important role in reducing unscheduled downtime and associated costs, helping food producers avoid costly product recalls and reputational damage.

Adding layers of protection

The award-winning, patented DETEX technology ensures that actuators or caps from FOODLUBE lubricants can be easily identified by x-ray and metal detection equipment if they become loose in food processing areas. Complementing ROCOL FOODLUBE products, DETEX provides another level of protection and has a key role to play in food safety for bakeries across the UK and beyond.

“Our product development focus is on supporting customers on the issues that matter to them: creating safe production environments, increasing operating efficiency, meeting stringent audit requirements and avoiding downtime,” says ROCOL Product Manager, Gareth Procter. “DETEX is a perfect example of this. Customers tell us that this technology, coupled with our FOODLUBE product range, helps give them peace of mind and has become invaluable in their health, safety, and compliance strategies.”

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