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Wire rope faces some of the most demanding conditions, where it must also maintain high day-to-day operational performance standards. Even before the rope is put to work on board a vessel or on a shore crane it faces conditions that can affect its eventual performance.

Once manufactured, wire rope can be stored for a long period of time before it is installed in a marine environment. Sitting in storage can lead to rope corrosion and premature wear.

For many years, manufacturers have got around this issue while manufacturing wire ropes by using a wax-based built-in lubricant. And, to a point, this works. The wax will offer limited protection to the rope from temperature extremes as well as dusty, dry or humid environments. Further, it can also hide potential problems, such as corrosion, as it acts as a barrier to prevent moisture from being removed from the rope as well as hampering visual inspection. The wax can prevent the adhesion of an aftermarket lubricant that is designed for the specific working conditions the crane faces.

It is unusual for companies to remove the wax before the wire rope lubricant is applied but this is exactly what ROCOL Area Manager, Tom Daerden and ROCOL Segment Specialist, Rui Jeronimo saw when they visited Euro Rope in Rotterdam.

Increasingly, Euro Rope is seeing end users asking distributors to remove it before delivery and instead coat the rope with ROCOL BIOGEN Fluid and ROCOL BIOGEN WIRESHIELD. To do this, they unroll the cable, remove the wax and then coat it with ROCOL BIOGEN products before delivering it to their customer.

ROCOL BIOGEN Fluid will penetrate the wire strands and displace liquid, reducing the risk of corrosion.

Asking your distributor to apply BIOGEN products before delivery also saves time on-site, eliminating the need for technicians to carry out this work onboard a vessel or on a shore crane.

ROCOL BIOGEN products can help you save time, money and reduce energy costs, as well as supporting wire rope maintenance. Contact us today to find out more!

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