Reduce plastic contamination risks with DETEX® metal detectable plastic components

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With ever more stringent food regulatory standards, increasing globalisation of supply chains and enhanced testing capabilities, risk management within the food and beverage industry has never been so complex.

As a result product recalls are on the rise, with the number of recalls per year in the US having almost doubled since 2002 1 , and so far in 2016 the FDA alone has listed 38 product recalls.2

The repercussions of product recalls for businesses are serious. According to the 2011 GMA sponsored survey Capturing Recall Costs, 81% of companies deemed financial risk from recalls as significant to catastrophic, with 77% of those that had experienced product recalls in the last five years estimating the financial impact of up to $30 million.3
Financial loss is not always the main concern for businesses however, as reputational damage and loss of brand equity are also very difficult to recover from.

At ROCOL® we can help simplify things. With 30 years of experience working with the food industry, we understand the challenges faced by our customers today. That’s why we use DETEX metal detectable plastic actuators and caps for all our food grade aerosols and cartridges, reducing contamination risk and helping our customers avoid costly product recalls and reputational damage.

Watch our DETEX technology in action!

Our award winning, patented DETEX technology ensures that should any actuators or caps from our FOODLUBE® lubricants become loose in food processing areas, they can be easily identified using standard x-ray and metal detection equipment used in the industry.

Aiding with compliance to subsection 4.7 of the BRC Global Standard Food Safety Issue 8, DETEX components are manufactured from safe materials deemed acceptable by the US FDA for use in food processing plants, allowing our customers total peace of mind when using ROCOL FOODLUBE products.


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