ROCOL has lubricants formulated for ventilators and breathing equipment

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With the Department of Health calling for help from industry to support the national effort for Coronavirus ventilator production, we here at ROCOL are on hand to support every manufacturer planning to support the ‘call to action’. Acknowledged as a world leader in fluid and lubrication solutions, our OT20 lubricant has been formulated specifically for use in ventilators for hospitals and operating theatre equipment.

The UK government has revealed that in a worst-case scenario, the NHS will need an additional 20,000 ventilation machines to add to the NHS current volume of 5,000 adult ventilators and 900 child ventilation systems used in critical care facilities. With the Health Secretary, Matt Hancock tweeting to industry asking for help from ‘all manufacturers who can support our National Effort for coronavirus ventilator production’ – ROCOL has the lubrication products available to support ALL manufacturers turning their attention to this ventilator support programme.

The ROCOL OT20 solution is considered as a ‘fit and forget’ lubricant, compatible with most plastics and non-metallic seals that are used on breathing apparatus in hospitals for ventilators and operating theatre equipment as well as with Ministry of Defence aircraft and sub-sea equipment. As an oxygen compatible lubricant primarily designed for use on breathing apparatus, it lengthens re-lubrication periods dramatically due to its ability to resist degradation in hostile conditions.

ROCOL OT20 is an extreme high load grease for a wide range of aggressive environments with a temperature range from -70°C to +100°C. As it does not have a detrimental effect on rubbers, plastics or metals, it is perfect for valves, slides, gearboxes and both plain and anti-friction bearings With outstanding EP performance and excellent resistance against aggressive chemicals and oxidising agents, the ROCOL OT20 grease is also ideal for the chemical, dry cleaning and food industries. For manufacturers looking to support the National Coronavirus ventilation support program, it is imperative that engineers realise that fluids and lubricants for the health sector require compliance to a completely different level to that of general subcontract manufactured parts – this is where ROCOL’s OT20 grease can support industry. For manufacturers looking to support this ventilator support programme, please contact the government via in the first instance and ROCOL for your specialist lubrication requirements.

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