ROCOL introduces online training for its customers

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At ROCOL, we are making it even easier for manufacturing and processing teams to improve efficiency and reduce downtime across their production facilities by introducing our brand-new online training courses.

Who are the online training courses for?

Our online training courses are designed for all operators and maintenance engineers involved in equipment maintenance – whether you are new in the role, or a seasoned engineer wanting to refresh your knowledge! We have also got training courses available to those who sell lubricants into the food industry and would like to gain more in-depth knowledge and understanding of the applications found in the various sub-sectors and what lubricants should be used where.

What do the online training courses cover?

We have courses that cover the fundamentals of lubrication from bearings and chains through to gearboxes and hydraulics and everything in between, and we now have food industry application courses that have been developed by one of our in-house experts. It comprises of fourteen courses that will become available throughout 2021 and will provide detailed and well-structured training, covering:

• Animal Feed Mills
• Beef Processing
• Beverage Industry
• Chicken Processing
• Pork Processing
• Baking Industry
• Chocolate Industry
• Crisp Manufacturing
• Dairy Industry
• Fish Processing
• Fruit and Vegetable Processing
• Lamb Processing
• Pharmaceutical Industry
• Sugar Refining

Each course will consist of a detailed training video accompanied by commentary from our Food Processing & Hygiene Segment Specialist, Andy Howard. You can complete each course or choose just one depending on your individual training needs. Once the training is completed, official certification will be sent to you.

What are the benefits of our online training courses?

• Simple to use and easily accessible – you just need an electronic device with internet access.
• Convenient and flexible around your schedule – no need to sacrifice valuable production time.
• Learn industry best practice – take advantage of our 130 years plus experience for reliable results for your business.
• Ensure you get the best performance from your machinery – correct lubrication reduces down-time and extends machine life.

Interested in signing up? Get started!

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