Did you know ROCOL® offers a wide range of high-performance cleaners?

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Here at ROCOL, we are renowned for our technically advanced industrial lubricants and paints, sold to industries worldwide. But did you know ROCOL also offers a range of superior cleaning products? Each designed for specific industry requirements, and to give you performance you can trust.

So which product is right for you?

For tough industrial grease and grime, try our HEAVY DUTY CLEANER Spray – a powerful non-evaporating, solvent based cleaner; designed to penetrate and loosen even the heaviest deposits, allowing removal by hosing or wiping.

Our food grade cleaners not only help you achieve the high levels of hygiene required in the clean industries, but also help reduce the risk of plastic contamination. With our unique DETEX® metal and x-ray detectable plastic components, distinctive by their universal blue colour, you can be sure of full audit compliance from start to finish.

Our universal, fast acting NSF A1 registered food grade FOAM CLEANER Spray efficiently cuts through grease, dirt and grime offering superior cleaning performance within the food and clean industry. It is solvent free and halal certified, making it suitable for use in and around food processing areas.

Our powerful, ultra-fast drying ELECTRA CLEAN Spray is ideal for cleaning electronic equipment and components in and around food processing areas, such as control panels, electric motors, electrical contacts and switches etc. Whilst being highly effective for degreasing and cleaning, it’s also NSF K2 registered and has halal certification, giving you peace of mind as well as a high-performance.

Our INDUSTRIAL CLEANER RAPID DRY Spray has a specially formulated blend of degreasing solvents, designed to remove grease, oil and workshop grime from all surfaces. The cleaner is a multi-use, powerful, fast drying industrial cleaner, designed to evaporate quickly leaving no residue. It is halal certified and is NSF K1 registered as suitable for use on food processing equipment and utensils.

Our halal certified REMOVER & DEGREASER is a powerful and fast acting multi-purpose degreaser. It is NSF C1 registered and is suitable for use in inedible product processing, non-processing areas and exterior areas of food processing establishments. With its pleasant characteristic odour, this citrus degreaser is an excellent cleaner for everyday grime and dirt however the product is particularly suited for penetrating and removing difficult to remove residues, including labels, adhesives, grease and oil.

Our premium STAINLESS STEEL CLEANER Spray is NSF A7 registered, it is acceptable as a metal cleaner and polisher for non-food contact surfaces in and around food processing areas. It is highly effective leaving a clean, smear free, polished surface with no residue. It removes greases, oils and general grime from most metal surfaces and is highly effective on stainless steel commonly found throughout the food, pharmaceutical and other clean industries.

For any more product information, download the technical data sheets or contact our technical help desk on 0113 232 2600.

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