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Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, ROCOL has continued to provide support to clients using a skeleton team comprised of Segment Specialists, the Distribution Manager and our Ultracare team.

Alan Rankin, Regional Sales Manager UK & Ireland at ROCOL, commented, “As well as continuing our support to clients, we have used this time productively to look at feedback from customers and develop new materials that can help businesses get the maximum benefits from ROCOL products.”

“Where it has been safe to do so, our Ultracare team has continued to visit customers to ensure that their cutting fluids are maintained and they do not experience issues if they are continuing operations. This has been a challenging time for all businesses, but we are proud that ROCOL has continued to offer excellent service to our clients.”

We are pleased to report that from Monday 1st June, we are stepping up our support with the majority of our sales team returning to the business.

If your business needs help or advise on lubricants, cutting fluids, greases or line marking, then please contact us and find out how ROCOL can assist you in getting back to work or continuing to operate effectively and efficiently.

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